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Prep Classes for the
D Water and Wastewater Exams - Round Rock

*Basic Water Review
Nov 6th 8 am - 5 pm  $100
Receive a Basic Water Study Guide
and 2 Practice Exams
Review water rules/regulations, groundwater/surface water concepts, distribution, safety and calculations

*Basic Wastewater Review
Nov 7th 8 am - 5 pm  $100
Receive a Basic Wastewater Study Guide
and 2 Practice Exams
Review wastewater rules/regulations, treatment, collections, safety and calculations

Both classes to be held at the City of Round Rock Water Plant

*These are designed as prep classes and are
NOT approved for TCEQ credit!!
We specialize in one day dual credit classes
Contact us to schedule a class in your area.
Basic Water 
20 Hour Class
Only class required to take the D water Operator Exam.

Receive a Basic Water Study Guide and
2 Practice Exams!!
Review Water Rules/Regulations, Groundwater,
Surface Water, Distribution, Safety, and Calculations
Please note - the licensing exam will not be given during class 
all exams must be taken at TCEQ.

HAZCOM/Chlorine Safety
8 Hour Dual Credit Class
8 hours for Water and 8 hours for Wastewater Renewal Hours
Class Covers: 
New HAZCOM Rules, Safe Handling Procedures
for Gas and Liquid Chlorine
Hands on Training using Chlorine Kit A for gas cylinders

City of Baird
Abilene Area
Oct 30th 8 am - 5pm 
Early Registration only $155
by 10/20/17 $170 after

201 Market St   Baird, TX 79504
Bruceville Eddy
Temple/Waco/Marlin Area
Jan 17th  8 am - 5 pm
Jan 18th 8 am - 5 pm
Jan 19th 8 am - 12 noon
Early Registriaon Only $340
by 1/15/18 $375 after

143 Wilcox Bruceville-Eddy, TX 76524