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Basic Math
8 Hour Class - TCEQ Class # 1428
4 Hour Class - TCEQ Class # 1429
Dual Credits for Water and Wastewater
Covers basic math conversions, area, volume, capacity, chlorine dosage, 
psi and the pounds formula
Great class for those who have not done math since high school!!

Cross Connection Control
  Hours for Water, Wastewater, CSI, BPAT and 
Licensed Irrigator 
4 Hour class TCEQ Class # 1245
8 Hour class TCEQ Class # 1246
Class covers cross connection identification and 
backflow prevention devices.  
Great renewal hour class for ANY LICENSE!!

Surface Water Production I
24 Hours for Water Credits
 TCEQ Class #942

 Customer Service Inspection
10 Hours for Water, CSI and BPAT Renewal 
TCEQ Class # 173 
*Only class needed to take the CSI exam  
Receive a CSI Practice Exam and Study Guide

*exams NOT offered during class - must be taken at a TCEQ location 
 Lab Basics
8 Hour Class - TCEQ Class # 1443
Dual Credits for Water and Wastewater
Learn basic skills all operators should know for process control and reporting purposes.
General lab safety, sampling techniques, sample collection, 
how to make a standard, pH, temperature, turbidity, 
hardness alkalinity, chlorine and coliform analysis

Nov 16th 8 am - 1 pm and 
Nov 17th  8 am - 1 pm
Only $300 by 11/5/21

$325 Late Registration between​ 11/6/21 - 11/11/21 with Express Delivery of Manual
No Class currently scheduled

No Class currently scheduled
No Class Currently Scheduled
4 Hour 
Dec 3rd
8 am - 12 noon
Only $60 by 12/2/21
Chlorine Safety
8 Hour Class - TCEQ Class # 1302
Dual Credits for Water and Wastewater
Class covers SDS's, Chemical Labels and Chlorine Handling

No Class currently scheduled
ONLINE ZOOM Platform - Live Instruction
All Classes conducted Live ONLINE with ZOOM

All classes are LIVE - not prerecorded!!
Interact with the instructors
​20 Hour Utility Safety
Water and Wastewater Credits
TCEQ Class # 426

No Class Currently Scheduled