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*exams NOT offered during class - must be taken at a TCEQ location 
Chlorine Safety
TCEQ Class #781
4 hours for Water and Wastewater 
Discuss hazards of bleach, HTH and gas chlorine.  Show how to connect/disconnect 
gas and the use a Repair Kit A for 
150 lb chlorine gas cylinders
March 28th 
1 pm - 5 pm

Cross Connection Control
TCEQ Class # 21246
8 Hours for Water, Wastewater, 
​Class covers cross connection identification 
 and backflow prevention devices.  
Great renewal hour class for ANY LICENSE!!
March 29th 
8 am - 5 pm

Common Water 
TCEQ Class # 1559  
​4 Hours Water & CSI 
Learn  to identify and respond to typical 
water quality issues in your system.
March 30th 
8 am - 12 noon​

Water & 
Wastewater Sampling
TCEQ Class # 5665
2 Hours Water and Wastewater
Process Control vs Compliance Sampling
Sample techniques, preservation, labeling, chain of custody
March 30th  
1 pm - 3 pm

In Person classes to be held at 
Sweetwater Water Plant 
169 Co Rd 217, Sweetwater, TX 79556
Occurring In Person AND ONLINE - 
Your Choose How to ATTEND!!
Chlorine/Bac-t Sampling
TCEQ Class # 597
4 Hours Water and Wastewater
Revised Total Coliform Rule, how to take
 reportable bac-t samples,
 what to do with a positive sample and 
how to operate a handheld chlorine analyzer 
Feb 14th
1 pm - 5 pm

Chlorine Safety
 TCEQ Class # 1302
8 Hours Water and Wastewater
Class covers SDS's, Chemical Labels 
and Chlorine Handling. 
 Learn about Repair Kit A for 150 lb gas cylinders
Feb 15th 
8 am - 5 pm

Cross Connection 
TCEQ Class # 1245
  4 Hours for Water, Wastewater, 
CSI, BPAT & Licensed Irrigator 
​Class covers cross connection identification 
 and backflow prevention devices.  
Great renewal hour class for ANY LICENSE!!
Feb 16th
8 am - 12 noon

San Antonio in person classes held at the
Leon Valley Conference Center 
6427 Evers Rd San Antonio​
Customer Service Inspection
TCEQ Class #173
10 Hours for Water, CSI and BPAT Renewal 
Receive a CSI Practice Exam, 
Backflow Device Sheet and a Study Guide
March 7th 8 am - 1 pm
March 8th  8 am - 1 pm
Early Registration $325​

$350 between 2/24- 3/3  with Express Delivery
Training Manual must be mailed - REGISTER EARLY!

All League City In Person Classes to be held at​
Southwest Reclamation Facility
1551 S. Maple Leaf Dr  League City, TX 77573
TCEQ Class # 1552
2 Hours Water, Wastewater, 
Covers typical PPE used in water/ww utilities
Head to Toe!
March 7th 2 pm - 4pm
March 8th 2 pm - 4 pm
​$30 Either Session
Lab Basics
 TCEQ Class # 1443
8 Hours Water and Wastewater
Learn basic skills all operators should 
know for process control and 
reporting purposes. General lab safety, sampling techniques, sample collection, 
how to make a standard, pH, temperature, turbidity, hardness alkalinity, 
chlorine and coliform analysis
​​April 18th
8 am - 5 pm

Chemical Awareness
TCEQ Class # 1481
4 Hours Water and WW
Discuss SDS's, Labeling and 
Chemical Delivery Safety
April 19th 8 am - 12 noon
April 19th 1 pm - 5 pm
$30 either session