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Affordable Training Classes

Tracy Herring


20 + years in the water, wastewater and laboratory field.  Classroom instructor since 2008.
A Water, A Wastewater, CSI, C Voluntary Laboratory, 40 hour HAZWOPER
Currently working for the City of Round Rock Environmental Services

Class prices are LOWER than other training providers.
Always looking for host locations!
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TCEQ approved training for Water and Wastewater
We make training affordable by making classes local.   We teach many of the 20 hour "CORE" classes, but specialize in 1 day classes over a range of topics.

How to Become a Host Location
All we need is a room that will comfortably hold 20+ students with the ability to project a powerpoint presentation on a wall.  We bring all equipment.

E-mail or call us to learn more about our classes and how we can bring them to your area.
We bring the classes to you.
TCEQ Approved Classes

Water Credit Courses
Basic Waterworks - 20 hour CORE class
Groundwater Production - 20 hour CORE class
Surface Water I - 24 hour CORE class
Flushing Programs/Fire Hydrant Maintenance - 5 hour class

Wastewater Credit Courses
Basic Wastewater - 20 hour CORE class
We specialize in
1 day
dual credit classes!

Dual/Multiple Credit Courses
Utility Safety - 20 hour CORE Class   Water & Wastewater
Basic Math -  8 hours  Water & Wastewater
Safety - 8 hours Water & Wastewater
Customer Service Inspections- 10 hours Water, CSI, BPAT
Chlorine/Bac-T Sampling - 4 hours Water & Wastewater
Cross Connection Control - 8 hours  Water, Wastewater, CSI, LI, BPAT
Lab Basics - 8 Hours for Water and Wastewater