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Affordable Training Classes

Tracy Herring


25 + years in the water, wastewater and laboratory field. 
Classroom instructor since 2008.
Texas - A Water, A Wastewater, CSI,
C Voluntary Laboratory
Colorado - A Water and A Wastewater

TCEQ Approved for LlVE Onlline Training!
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TCEQ approved training for Water and Wastewater
We make training affordable by making classes local.   We teach many of the 20 hour "CORE" classes, but specialize in 1 day classes over a range of topics.

Currently - all classes are being taught ONLINE. 
In person classes will resume as soon as the
COVID situation allows.
TCEQ Approved Classes

Water Credit Courses
Basic Waterworks - 20 hour CORE class
Groundwater Production - 20 hour CORE class
Surface Water I - 24 hour CORE class
Flushing Programs/Fire Hydrant Maintenance - 5 hour class

Wastewater Credit Courses
Basic Wastewater - 20 hour CORE class
We specialize in
1 day
dual credit classes!

Dual/Multiple Credit Courses
Utility Safety - 20 hour CORE Class   Water & Wastewater
Basic Math -  8 hours  Water & Wastewater
Safety - 8 hours Water & Wastewater
Customer Service Inspections- 10 hours Water, CSI, BPAT
Chlorine/Bac-T Sampling - 4 hours Water & Wastewater
Cross Connection Control - 8 hours  Water, Wastewater, CSI, LI, BPAT
Lab Basics - 8 Hours for Water and Wastewater
Chemical Awareness - 4 hours Water & Wastewater